We're open for outdoor dining every day from 12pm-10pm!

We are a laid back restaurant and bar with great food featuring mainly aged Steaks, mussel dishes, oysters and other West Coast specialities as well as New World Wines and good vibes all around. Founded by native Californians Scott Kelly and Glenn Spicker who have been Prague business partners for so long they consider themselves brothers, Cali Brothers is a re think of their Holesovice Bohemia Bagel location.

Modern, industrial, brick and mortar design, Cali Brothers offers something for the myriad of people now making Holesovice and Letna their home. Think Globally Drink Locally! Come and visit us and chill at one of our comfortable tables or belly up to the bar.
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Scott a Glenn

Wanna try something tasty? Check our barfood: loaded fries with beef, oysters, salads, vegan bbq or a tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons... you will definitely want to try our aged meat, and we´ve got more!

Really hungry? Sit back and enjoy our luxuriuous dry aged steaks, mussels served with warm bread or our Californian desserts... or just try the amazing pumpkin schnitzel served potatoes and salad.

We make everyone happy with our drinks, alco or soft. Fresh juices, fruit smoothies, Californian milkshakes, beer, vast selection of rums, tequilas, whisky of all kinds or cocktails from all over the world, margaritas or aperitives. We serve non-alco versions too!

Our wines are carefully selected, and we serve bottles from the Czech Republic or New World only. Try white or red wines from California, Tierra del Fuego and South African Republic - all of them are amazing and ready to pair with our menu. We serve bubbles too.

We serve only quality dry aged steaks from Czech organic breeders. Each meat gets better with ageing - it´s tastier and more tender and more distinctive. We choose only pieces that are covered in enough fat that protects the meat against becoming dry on the outside - the fat works as a natural casing. The meat hangs, or lies on metal grids, and it is not wrapped in any way, and the process is happening both at our supplier´s place and in our own dry aging fridge that you can see in Cali Brothers.

Mussels and oysters are true gourmet delicacies, and oysters are often referred to as proven aphrodisiacs. In general, all seafood contains similar vitamins and minerals that can have a stimulating effect. Both mussels and oysters must be alive before treatment - we keep them in our aquarium and therefore we can serve you absolutely fresh seafood.


Cali Brothers

Dukelských Hrdinů 48, 170 00 Praha 7
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Mon - Sun: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Brunch: Sat - Sun 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM