Prague Brothers: Glenn Spicker & Scott Kelly

Cali Brothers Glenn Scott

California Brothers aka Glenn Spicker and Scott Kelly are well known people/personas in Prague for sure – you probably have heard about Jazz Club U malého Glena (oh yes, that´s our Glenn, he loves music, especially jazz, and he really is not a giant) that has been open in Prague since 1995; you have probably walked by Burrito Loco fast food chain at least; you probably know the great mexican restaurant Agave by Old Town Square; and you probably know something about Bohemia Bagel, one of the first restaurants in Prague to sell hamburgers.

And this is exactly the place where the newest idea of Glenn and Scott came to life. These guys know each other and work together for so long that they call themselves brothers. As true born Californians, they have decided to show Prague what formed them so we can enjoy the modern, pure design of the reconstructed space of Cali Brothers Restaurant and Bar. This is what we find here: aged meat steaks, oysters, mussels… but also lots of vegetarian and sweet delicacies invented by Scott´s picky tongue. For sure we are aware of where we are located so you will not be missing a good beer – we picked Žatecký pivovar brewery that is more than 200 years old! And we have cocktails too, we have non-alco, we have shakes, we have desserts… there are many things you need to try! We are looking forward to seeing you in Cali Brothers!